Martin County Firearms Academy- Williamston, NC

​​Meet The Founder


Katherine Bell - Founder Martin County Firearms Academy

NRA Certified Instructor -
          Basic Pistol
          Personal Protection Outside the Home
          Range Safety Officer

North Carolina DOJ Certified Concealed Carry        Instructor 

Certified Instructor - The Well Armed Woman 

Hey everyone, my name is Katherine Bell. I’m originally from Brooklyn NY where the only people who had guns were police and the bad guys. In 1999 I moved to NC where I soon learned to fish. I also learned that while fishing you may run into snakes. I really don't like snakes, but it didn’t occur to me that I could have a pistol, learn to shoot it and carry it fishing with me. ​​

I saw hunters with rifles every hunting season and heard gunshots, but soon learned not to be concerned. It was a big change from Brooklyn, but I learned to accept guns as a part of life.
In 2010 crime was on the increase in our area. There were armed robberies, home invasions, and carjackings. I worked in a job where I had to carry money at night so I took the concealed carry class, passed, and got my permit. Still, I had only shot a gun once to qualify for my permit. I didn't feel confident enough to carry my pistol until I discovered The Well Armed Woman (TWAW) organization and began training with other women. The rest as they say is history.

Training became a passion. I had individual instruction, I took NRA courses, and went through the Winchester Marksmenship Program; I even trained with a retired Navy Seal and became an NRA Certified Instructor. I also became a Certified Well Armed Woman Instructor. Needless to say that I love shooting. It is serious business, but it's also empowering and fun!

I also love teaching and became the Chapter Leader of the Rocky Mt NC Chapter of The Well Armed in 2015 and founded the Williamston Chapter in 2017.
After my retirement in 2015                        I founded Martin County Firearms Academy to help women, and men too, learn to safely and confidently use and carry their handguns.

We at Martin County Firearms Academy are starting small, but eventually we will grow into a full service academy offering pistol, rifle, and shotgun courses, as well as competitions and fund-raising events for the community. 

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